Reginald (Reg or Reggie) Armstrong

Profile Updated: August 7, 2014
Reginald (Reg or Reggie) Armstrong
Residing In: Hampton, VA USA
Spouse/Partner: Sherri
Occupation: US Army
Children: Jonathan
Military Service: Army  
Yes! Attending Reunion

Sorry, I wont see you at this reunion either. I am finising up an assigment in Saudi Arabia and then retiring from the Army after 28 years. I am married to Sherri and we have 6 great kids. After High School I went to Georgia Military College. So far I have lived in Germany, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Kentucky, Georgia, Iraq, Afghanistan, Saudi Arabia, Bosni, Macedonia, Korea, and Virginia. Looking forward to retirement and plan to settle down in Virginia (at least thats the plan this month). Still havent decided what I am going to do when I grow up, still love playing Army. We love living in VA, near the beach. My wife works at a Vet Clinic so we have plenty of pets around the house. Feel free to contact me, the best way is by email. Reg

School Story:

Not much to say about high school, it was eventful, but I probably wouldnt want to do it again. I was the ROTC geek, spending 4 years in it. I had some great friends back then, David Bland, Christian McCraw, and Trey Whetstone. David Bland and I were best of friends back then. We probably had the two worst looking mustaches in the history of man kind. Looking back there are a lot of people I wish I had been nicer to. I also wish I wasnt such an ASS. I think, wow, what a goof ball I was. There are a lot of people I wish I had known better. I had such a crush on several girls, just wish I had the guts enough to tell them. Its weird, I remember High School was such a great time in my life...but I cant remember a whole lot of it... and I wasnt even a stoner. My wife says I am still stuck in the '80s...its true. I listen to the '80 station on the radio, love all the movies from the '80s, and a few months ago I even bought a car exactly like the crappy one I had in High School, but now they call it a Classic. You cant go back though... Now three of my kids will graduate from AHS...funny how some things stay the same.