Missing Classmates

I NEED YOUR HELP PLEASE!!!!  The classmates listed on the missing list are all classmates with no email, or they have not responded from the email I sent.  If you know someone on this list, you can click on thier name and enter thier email address and an invitation will be sent to them to join.  If they don't have email, but you know thier physical address please send it to me and I can type in "not missing" in thier email and they will move from the missing list.

Sheri Leigh Adams
Deborah "Renee" Anderson (Collins)
Nora Betha
Billy Black
Danny Black
William Black
Timothy Bozeman
Allen Brown
Javan Brown
Mia Brown
John Chapman
Mechelle Currie
Paramjit Dhillon
Janie English
Noelton English
Charles Ferree Jr.
Sharon Fickling
Cal "Spanky" Flowers
Kenneth Frye
Regenald Gardner
Angela Gunther
Jeffrey Hallman
Donnie Harbuck
Andy Harper
Charlie Huffman
Robert Hutson Jr.
Wendy Jackson (Gerringer)
William James
Alice Jeffcoat
Regine Krebs
Rebecca Kyzer
Jeffrey Lamb
David Lankford
Julia Larrimore
Johnny Lee
Kim Lewis
Sophia Lewis
Tyrone Livingston
Sharon Lorick
Jeffrey Lucas
Heidi Martin
Clayton Matthews
Loretta Matthews
Brenda McLaurin
Lisa Meiler
Dana Merritt
Melissa Messeroll
Kirby Miller
Johnny Murphy
David Newcomb
Phoeresha Osbia
David Outz
Michael Palmer
Priti Patel
Mary Pereira
Joe Pickney IV
Howard Purdie
Timothy Quinton
Carolyn Reiner
Fletcher Rhodus
Mary Richardson
Cynthia Riley
Janice Robertson
Christopher Shealy
Keith Shirey
Robin Simmons
Bucky Smith
James Smith
Timothy Smith
Dana Spires
Eric Spires
Jonathan Spires
Gary Stokes
Melinda Swancey
Dana Thomas
William Turner Jr.
Beverly Turpin
Robin Wallace
Bryan Walling
Stephanie Washington
Gaines Watts
Willie Whitaker
Tina Whittle
Kenneth Wilhelm
Hope Williams
Sabrina Woods

Guest Members

Keith Walker
Kevin Walker